For Retaining Walls, Fences & Barrier Walls
May also be used for Retaining Walls.
4 Stones = 1 sq. ft.
3.27 Stones = 1 sq. ft.
      Pilastone’s unique shape provides its own interlock.
Interlock is only the beginning of the benefits of the shape:
The stone, shaped as a trapezoid, has two reversible faces with different widths, one
11” and one 7”. This allows curved walls; as well as circular patterns, or wandering
lawn and garden borders, to be easily built with one stone. Multi-faced walls are a
snap. The split face texture on both sides gives you the ability to create a wall that has
a finished look on both sides and allows you to choose from two different installation

How about caps - just reverse the stone, and the smooth side is used as a cap.

Tri Face option: all you need is a hammer and chisels, one hit at each corner of the
built in tri face grooved and you have your tri face stone.
To make it even easier:
alignment grooves are cast into the top and sides of the
stone. No guessing, just align the grooves and you will have a consistant setback wall
or straight wall.
Pilastone uses no mortar, is lightweight, easy to handle at 4” thick, maintenance free.
 *Easy and straight forward BBQ Pit Kits readily available*