This product is produced on our “Wet Cast” production line, which gives us flexibility
in texture and color.  Our Wet Cast Patio Stones have an exceptional finish and unique
texture, with colors to match any imagination. We constantly experiment with new
colors, textures and combinations and we will periodically add new items to this product
We categorize our stones by color combinations and textures. Each stone is slightly
unique so that your patio has a one of a kind look. One can walk around the finished
patio and see subtle varieties of texturing, accomplished by rotating the stone as it is
placed to get the texture that meets individual taste.  

Variegated colors are designed to be slightly different to every stone to get that subtle
change in color. As you walk around your patio the color, texture, and shadows
combine to give you a patio that is unique to you and your home.

These stones are a full 2” thickness, and are produced with pride and under close
supervision of our quality control department.  These stones are designed, monitored,
and produced to last